Mifos 2.6.0 – Free MIS Software for Microfinance NGOs

Mifos is a community of of microfinance institutions, technology professionals, business people, volunteers, and contributors with a vision to create and deploy technology that allows the microfinance industry to scale.

It has released Mifos 2.6.0 (Esha K) – the latest release of our free software for managing the delivery of financial services to the poor.

It includes a new module or uploading/attaching files, a homepage dashboard of key business indicators, chart of accounts interface, and support for daily loans/saving accounts.

“The theme of Mifos 2.6 was to fill any major outstanding gaps and make Mifos 2.6 be the most polished and well-rounded application for group lending before we transition development to our lighter, more flexible, next-generation platform Mifos X. Major new functionalities include support for daily loans and savings accounts, the ability to upload and attach files to loans and clients, a user interface for modifying the chart of the accounts, a dashboard of key business metrics on the homepage, and enhancements to importing data in Mifos.”

Mifos is an award-winning software platform pioneered by the Grameen Foundation that is now being used by 40+ MFIs serving 1 million client.

Mifos Features;

Clients, Groups, and Centers
•Loan Products & Loan Accounts
•Savings Products & Savings Accounts
•Search & Browse for Client Accounts
•Surveys and Progress out of Poverty Tracking
•System Users, Permissions, and Data Scope
•Setup, Configuration, & Localization
•Financial Transactions & Accounting Support
•Bulk & Batch Processes
•Audit Trails
•Login & Security

The software can be freely downloaded from this link.