WFP has issued bulletin ‘Special Focus: Worsening Thar Drought – Alert on Alarming Food Security and Nutrition Situation’ jointly prepared by FAO and WFP. This special focus comes from the food security monitoring and information system in Pakistan. The bulletin is attached with this email or can also be downloaded from the following link:

or Here: Special Focus: Worsening Thar Drought Nov2014

Following are the highlights of this bulletin:

• The most recent integrated food security phase classification (IPC) analysis has classified Tharparkar and the desert areas of neighboring districts as being under Phase 4 (emergency level)
• The Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) Sindh has made announcement of an impending emergency in the arid zone of Sindh. Likewise, National Drought Monitoring Centre has classified seven districts of Sindh (Thar desert and Kohistan regions) in severe drought category.
• The food security and nutrition situation in the drought affected areas is precarious requiring urgent response.

For more information, contact WFP Mr. Fakhre Alam from FAO: