Foreign embassies are offices of diplomatic missions set up by foreign countries to carry out various interactions with the host country. These interactions can include handling visa, negotiating with the government, protecting their own trade interests and others.

Out of these embassies, there are diplomatic missions that have an additional job of providing aid to the host country. In most cases, the embassies of rich countries are involved in developing and implementing such programs. These aid programs can be bilateral in nature, which means it usually happens between one state and the other where the rich country government offers to provide a large financial grant to the poor country government for implementing development oriented projects.

But apart from this government-to-government aid, many of these rich country embassies also run NGO grant support programs. Although small in size, these grants are still a part of the overall diplomatic missions of several developed countries. They believe that besides the government, the civil society also plays a critical role in bringing about a socio-economic change. A balance of development is a requirement at the grassroots too where NGOs have a maximum reach. Therefore, the support of embassies to such interventions is strategically important for them, as well as for NGOs.

So, which are the embassies that provide funding to NGOs and how can NGOs approach them for supporting their projects. Here, we are giving details of some of these embassies that can be contacted in your own country.

Besides rich country embassies, there may also be embassies of developing countries that have NGO support programs in specific countries mostly because of maintaining good relations or trade interests. For example, embassies of China and India provide unexpected grants to poorest of the poor countries but it is not clear how strategically such grants are developed and whether or not there is a systematic procedure to access these grants. Here we are only focusing upon some rich country embassies that have high potential of funding NGOs.

Many of these embassies also have development cooperation programs that are implemented through bilateral agencies such as the USAID, CIDA, AUSAID, DFID etc. Some of the these embassies provide small grants to NGOs through these bilateral agencies as well.

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