The Australian embassies around the world have various NGO support programs. In fact, many of the funding opportunities announced by AusAID and the Australian Foreign Ministry are coordinated by the Australian embassies in different countries. For example, those applying for the AusAID’s Human Rights Grants Scheme to support NGOs in select countries had to submit proposals directly to the Australian embassy in their own country.

AusAID has funding schemes for NGOs such as the AusAID NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP), the Cooperation Agreements and the Funding to developing country NGOs. Out of these three funding schemes, the first two are available only for Australian and/or international NGOs while funding to developing country NGOs is for small organizations in developing countries.

The funding for developing country NGOs are given out through two other funding schemes called the Direct Aid Program (DAP) and Small Activities Scheme (SAS). SAS aims to contribute to the reduction of poverty and the achievement of sustainable development through small scale interventions and it is administered by the resident AusAID officer at the Australian Embassy or High Commission

DAP is the managed by the Australian Ambassador in line with the strategic plan on the Australian Embassy. DAP funding is for projects directly providing benefits to those most in need, including concerning gender issues, children and other disadvantaged groups, and to projects with environmental benefits.

You can get a list of Australian embassies around the world at this link. Choose your country and visit the website of the Australian embassy in your country and look for SAS and DAP. Don’t forget that these funding schemes are not open throughout the year, so make a special note of the deadline and also where to download the application form for it.