The British High Commission does not have a separate funding program for NGOs which means that the official aid to small organizations in different countries is managed through the UK Department for International Development (DFID). DFID has offices in most countries attached to the British High Commission but the grant programs are independently managed by it.

DFID has global and multi-country funding programs for NGOs. It keeps requesting proposals during different times of the year under programs such as Girls’ Education Challenge, Global Poverty Action Fund, UK Aid Match and others. Along with these global programs, there are also country-based programs run by DFID in select countries. These programs are listed at this link.

Many of these programs are open throughout the year or have specific deadlines.

Another source of potential funding from UK for NGOs is the British Council which also runs funding programs but mostly for individuals in various countries. These programs are aimed at addressing some of the current issues such as climate change.