Brains for Innovative Research Development & Strategic Studies is a think tank, a gathering of experts for betterment of Pakistan and the first international community for all people of Pakistani origin living and working in Pakistan as well as abroad. It aims to become the biggest Pakistani expatriate network worldwide.

BIRDS Pakistan members keep in touch with old friends and business contacts – or make new ones. In addition to networking online, our members meet up at local get-togethers around the globe, specifically geared towards the Pakistani community in town.

BIRDS Pakistan aims to make life easier for Pakistani expats. In our Forum or our Discussion Groups, you can exchange expat-specific tips and advice.

Our Country and City Guides, as well as our Magazine, will provide a helpful resource for all things related to moving and living abroad: for example, information on jobs, tax issues, medical services, education, expatriation, and relocation.

Last but not least, we believe that we can truly make a difference together. Change starts with each and every one of us. Expatriates often tend to be highly qualified and comparatively well-off; other people are unfortunately not as lucky. Therefore, we have thought of a way to give back to our communities.

The BIRDS Pakistan Volunteer Program is a worldwide initiative that will involves several thousand members, who donate not “just” financial gifts, but also their time and talents to people in need. This is your chance to participate in monthly volunteering activities.