Brains for Innovative Research Development & Strategic Studies Foundation Pakistan abbriviated as ” BIRDS FOUNDATION Pakistan ” is a not for profit, non governmental organization & think tank (informally called gathering of experts for betterment of society) to undertake programs and projects involving research & development to resolve issue and solve problems specifically of peoples of pakistan and for mankind in general including Eradicating poverty through economic development, employment opportunities, cottage industry and microfinancing, promoting Education and access to education in remote areas, Promoting gender equality and empowering women, childcare, basic health care and medical support, Improving maternal health, Combating HIV/AIDS, malaria, and other diseases, Ensuring environmental sustainability, promoting Ecovillage concept i.e. Organic Self Sufficient Sustainable Green Living with Zero Carbon Footprint, Energy for all including “ electricity at least lighting, heating, cooking and cooling” for all through affordable/subsidized renewable and alternate resources including solar & wind generators, Shelter, protection & safety for displaced, homeless, poor & during crises & emergencies, availability of clean drinking water & health food i.e. food safety, Emergency & Disaster Management (Including rescue, safety & security, shelter, food & water, medical support, child care, re-settlement) Developing a global partnership for development, access to justice, Youth engagement & development through healthy activities (to fight against unemployment, narcotics, crime and unhealthy activities in society) and build a livable pakistan for a better tomorrow.